Dr John Craig has performed over 200 (ISO14001) assessments or audits of large and small companies in the UK, China, Dubai, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, and Thailand for UKAS-accredited certification bodies. He also advises and sets up management systems to meet the requirements of ISO14001 and will maintain these systems (if required) and advise on the effects of EU and UK regulations and legislation on each individual business, and how to contain these.

Where the business premises are on old brownfield ground Girac Limited can inspect the maps and records to see what industry was there before, and how it might have affected the ground and the groundwaters; plans can then be made for any economical remediation to meet legal requirements. If any spill to ground can have affected groundwaters, it is essential that the extent of the problem is determined and dealt with.

John has evaluated grossly polluted sites in China, Poland and Lithuania, determined the extent of the problems and recommended remediation strategies which were adequate but not excessive in cost.