Cancer Research and Joe Biden’s Presidency

The 46th President of the United States might take things differently, and it was widely evident from his campaign rally. Joe Biden has numerous plans for the future, and some of that is directed towards cancer research. As a domain of importance, cancer research requires the right set of ingredients as it needs to progress and achieve the right kind of results. So will it progress under the Biden-Harris administration? Well, let’s go ahead and find out what is in store.

The Main Aspect of Change

One of the main reasons to believe that the Biden-Harris administration will favour cancer research is their connections with cancer. Both Biden and Harris have their experiences with cancer, and it involves Biden’s oldest son and Harris’s mom. Biden’s son, Beau Biden, died at the age of 46 due to brain cancer. On the other hand, Harri’s mom, Shyamala Gopalan, was a cancer researcher who had progressed in her respective field.

Due to these incidents, the central aspect of change tends to come in, and researchers believe that they will be able to reach new heights under the Biden-Harris foundation.

Cancer Research

The Past Effect

Apart from the above mentioned incidents, Biden has also come across various experiences with cancer-related issues. For example, as Vice president under the Obama administration, Biden was the man in charge of Cancer Moonshot and was actively involved in doubling the rate of prevention. According to his statement in 2016, Biden made it clear that the goal of the initiative was to accelerate efforts and progress towards finding a cure in order to unleash new discoveries for the disease.

Moreover, Biden also launched the Biden Cancer Initiative, which was a non-profit spinoff of Moonshot. It continued to support cancer research and the reduction of racial disparities in patient outcomes. But when Biden made the announcement that he is running for President, he and his wife stepped down from the board of the initiative, and the organization suspended its operations.

A Positive Outlook

With Biden being the one who is going to take over matters of the nation, researchers and all kinds of experts believe that cancer research will progress under his rule. They are positive towards the same and hope for new sources of funding to come their way. In fact, Biden has repeatedly spoken about his commitment to fighting cancer on the campaign trail and even at the Democratic National Convention.

Due to all that, we can expect the new administration to take things forward and help the domain of cancer research. But since it is too early to make any form of predictions, we need to wait and watch how things will turn out.

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