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How to Improve Your Currency Trading for Triple Digit Gains in 2021

If you are trading on the Forex market, here are some key tips that can improve your profits in the long-term.


Trade Less

While the forex markets are ideal markets to trade as a currency trader, you must study when best to trade them. Many traders simply cannot make profits as they make too much of their forex trading on their open forex accounts. In fact, a large number of account traders, study their returns and the result is often negative.

Let’s face it, just like the high-flying trader, once they have a few losing trades in a month, they simply cannot survive the subsequent losses, so they trade more to make up. This leads to closing losses and a wipe-out of equity. To trade less, simply have your stop and take profit levels set on your actual entry level. The result is you simply trade when the odds are in your favour.


Currency Selection

This is the major cause of most forex trading losses and it is always a good idea to understand the technical and fundamental indices of currencies before trading. Trading in forex markets is not particularly complicated and generally pretty easy to grasp, but most of the traders who lose, fail to study the markets and the result is losses.


Analyse your currency trading chart

Then add 10 to 20 percentage in points to volatility and get the odds in your favour – this means you will be better off by being patient while you look for a major break of resistance. This can be done by only watching it for the first couple of days of any major news release and then again when the release has moved on. Now the more you do this, the more you will get out of forex trading and ultimately this will be a great help to your forex trading profits.


Success is down to mindset

Forex trading is a specifically learned skill and obviously the ones to copy will use this above established method and become winners but you will find few traders who make money using them. Success comes from the correct mindset and the ability to apply the method. This means getting the right forex education and adopting the right mindset and that involves confidence in what you are doing. If you are trading breakouts you must take them as you can’t predict prices in advance.

Making trading decisions effectively is essential and this involves a well thought out method of forex trading, that gives you objectives during trading and an understanding of risk and reward. If you cut your forex trading risk you will be trading low risk trades that put the odds in your favour. If you want an easy and profitable trading experience the currency markets are it.

Effective Job Search

The job market is getting thinner and fewer opportunities are available to our current generation of graduates especially compared to those who graduated in the 1970s. This is why today’s graduates must be more adept at employment search rather than be satisfied with finding a decent job. The most adept job seekers are those who are systematic – it’s getting harder to find a job as the economy continues to evolve.

One of the reasons why recent graduates must target the employment search more effectively is that employers tend to perceive more recent graduates as knowledgeable in the modern world. Employers have the need for more sophisticated employees who are able to adapt to the present in efficient terms. These employers believe that recent graduates are able to make more relevant and more indispensable contributions to their companies.

So as a recent grad (or an up-and-comer) take note – first and foremost, you need to effectively identify what you want.  This is the crux to getting particular employers to notice you. Secondly, you need to ensure that your Resume and LinkedIn Profile is sufficiently broad so that you will easily be able to apply for jobs that require your particular area of expertise. This is the only way that employers will associate passion and gravitas with your job profile when making their recruitment decisions.

Remember to highlight things that show how your skillset lend themselves to the position that you are searching for. Employers will find it easier to connect job titles and responsibilities to your skills as something you excel at within the industry which you have applied.

Finding a job is often the source of many worries for recent graduates. The main point being that employers are shrinking the number of possible jobs available for entry-level candidates while many experienced workers simply cannot get enough work. Therefore, as more young graduates come out of Universities every day, the competition among them is getting tougher and tougher.

Taking the time to identify your goals is essential particularly to ensure you do not get side-tracked. Prioritize your job search by following these handy tips which we’ll outline below:

Imagine a day in your ideal working life. Do get a paper and ask yourself what your ideal day at work would entail. How would you arrive at an effective answer?

  1. Write your goals down. It would make sense to visualize your ‘perfect day’ in the beginning of the job search process.
  2. Decide what may be most important to your career goals for the whole of your working life.
  3. Think about how you will arrive at these goals.
  4. Psychological studies have become increasingly powerful for understanding motivation and how to get things done in the workplace. These studies link motivation with what we actually do. If motivated to get a particular result, then it is much more likely that you will be motivated to succeed.
  5. Set goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time bound). With this SMART principle, you are able to set a realistic goal to achieve.

Getting A Better Job Is Important

There are different companies and job sites that offer new graduate applicants a better opportunity of getting a job. Even though many graduates join these sites in order to procure “a” job, there are students who largely loiter around waiting for the ‘perfect’ job to be listed on the jobsite.

As a result, they make the perfect the enemy of the good, in which case, developing strong Job Search skills and effect strategies will give one a significant edge over the lazy competition. If you are serious about finding a job, or improving your current one, you will need to keep improving your way of being in order to produce better results and deliver your best at work.

Covid-19 and Luxury Homes

Luxury Home

A pandemic that slowed down production in all major sectors is beyond capable of slowing things down for the real estate sector. As a result, the year 2020 cannot be termed a great year for the field that deals with properties. But there are certain exceptions to this regard, and one such exception stands to be visible in the form of luxury homes. So to give you an idea of all that is happening, here’s a small take on Covid-19 and its effect on luxury homes.

The Case of Miami Realtors

At the beginning of the pandemic, things were not hitting the right chords for realtors and other kinds of individuals involved in the real estate industry. Their mark of progression was limited with social distancing and different types of rules enforced by the pandemic. But if one has to look at the positive side of the picture, then the pandemic has accelerated a new trend of homebuyers from New York.


Yes, that’s right. The cold weather, tax-burdened North-eastern states, and other related aspects have all come into force to promote sales and help people make the most of the real estate industry.

Visible Changes Throughout the Third Quarter

Terms and figures of the first two quarters might not have anything substantial to showcase, but the third quarters do show a positive growth. The Miami-Dade County single-family home luxury created this understanding as their transactions surged around 55.3% in the third quarter. This form of growth was only possible with the new aspect of functionally that includes working from home, a lower rate of interest, and other related things.

With all that coming into the picture, the sector is trying to regain its position, which was long gone a few months ago. While the virus is yet to leave the world, growth amidst a pandemic is definitely something to look forward to.

The Factors of Demand and Supply

We are all aware of the active role played by demand and supply. As these factors decide things for the market, it is essential to acknowledge the active role that they are playing. While things were normal before the pandemic, demand, and supply were at the same level. But with all the new changes, limited supply, and strong demand is the new norm of business. While people were clueless about how to get things going on in the beginning, things seem to be fetching results at the moment.



The figures that we see and analyze now are only aspects that indicate a portion of the industry. The larger part of the picture is yet to develop, and we all have to wait and watch what it brings to the table.

Cancer Research and Joe Biden’s Presidency

Joe Biden

The 46th President of the United States might take things differently, and it was widely evident from his campaign rally. Joe Biden has numerous plans for the future, and some of that is directed towards cancer research. As a domain of importance, cancer research requires the right set of ingredients as it needs to progress and achieve the right kind of results. So will it progress under the Biden-Harris administration? Well, let’s go ahead and find out what is in store.

The Main Aspect of Change

One of the main reasons to believe that the Biden-Harris administration will favour cancer research is their connections with cancer. Both Biden and Harris have their experiences with cancer, and it involves Biden’s oldest son and Harris’s mom. Biden’s son, Beau Biden, died at the age of 46 due to brain cancer. On the other hand, Harri’s mom, Shyamala Gopalan, was a cancer researcher who had progressed in her respective field.

Due to these incidents, the central aspect of change tends to come in, and researchers believe that they will be able to reach new heights under the Biden-Harris foundation.

Cancer Research

The Past Effect

Apart from the above mentioned incidents, Biden has also come across various experiences with cancer-related issues. For example, as Vice president under the Obama administration, Biden was the man in charge of Cancer Moonshot and was actively involved in doubling the rate of prevention. According to his statement in 2016, Biden made it clear that the goal of the initiative was to accelerate efforts and progress towards finding a cure in order to unleash new discoveries for the disease.

Moreover, Biden also launched the Biden Cancer Initiative, which was a non-profit spinoff of Moonshot. It continued to support cancer research and the reduction of racial disparities in patient outcomes. But when Biden made the announcement that he is running for President, he and his wife stepped down from the board of the initiative, and the organization suspended its operations.

A Positive Outlook

With Biden being the one who is going to take over matters of the nation, researchers and all kinds of experts believe that cancer research will progress under his rule. They are positive towards the same and hope for new sources of funding to come their way. In fact, Biden has repeatedly spoken about his commitment to fighting cancer on the campaign trail and even at the Democratic National Convention.

Due to all that, we can expect the new administration to take things forward and help the domain of cancer research. But since it is too early to make any form of predictions, we need to wait and watch how things will turn out.